Friday Fodder March 28

Friday Fodder March 28

It’s the last Friday of March and that means its Friday Fodder time! This week I have a great collection of items to get your creative juices flowing.

While traveling blogs I came across this great layout reference on SuzyQScraps. Blogger Suzy Iverson has an example on her blog for each of these design principles and she suggests picking one to learn each week  to develop these 10 designs as core layout techniques. Over time, you can combine them or develop new ones with elements from each – creating a library of basic layouts to draw from. I set it up so you can easily print it out and keep by your work table. Suzy has other layout design tips on Pinterest as well.

Scrapbook design principles


Watercolor Tutorials

Skeptical about the idea of this being easy? Elise with the Grow Creative Blog has a complete tutorial on creative beautiful watercolor portraits like these. Using some tools on photo editor PicMonkey and some simple tracing and cutting, she shows us how to do our own watercolor art. I’m a artist wannabee so I’ll give it a try and post my result in a future Friday Fodder. If you try it, post your creation on my facebook page.


This week I set up an Instagram account. I know, you’re probably thinking, huh? You didn’t already have one? I don’t really have any compelling reason for being late to the party, other than I just never did it and I thought to myself “how many things can I use and manage?” But I took the plunge. Not many photos there yet, but I hope you’ll follow me – my user name is freshlyhatchedstudio. My first photo is of me meeting Amy Tan at a scrapbook class I took in St. Pete last week. So fun to get some tips from her and meet other scrapbooking ladies.

Amy Tan

I must admit some of the reason I decided to join Instagram is the fun products and services I’ve come across for Instagram images. Fits perfect in a scrapbooker’s life.


On Prinstagram there are so many goodies to choose from, I don’t know which item I’ll try first. I love the Tiny Books, the MiniBook, and oh those stickers!  I can see stickers on my Project Life cards, or even used on snail mail (yes, I still mail letters and cards). The contact cards are great, too. You can even make your own flair!


If you like magnets, Sticky9 has an easy online process to upload instagram images to make 9-magnet photo collages for the fridge or office. You can use the same image and it splits across the 9 blocks or you can upload different images. Could be a fun gift for grandma. There are sites that makes posters and pillows and you name it. Seems to be a growing industry to find new ways to use those little square images.



Last but not least on Friday Fodder this week is They Draw & Cook – a site I came across that featuring recipes illustrated by artists from around the world. That rights, graphically designed recipes perfect for us right brainers. Its so fun, so colorful and just a feast for the artistic eyes. You can find recipes, submit recipes, dial-a-dinner for a fun random selection to inspire dinner today, and visit their store for cookbooks like The Colorful Vegetarian or The Best Illustrated Cocktails. What’s amazing is when looking up recipes you can even choose the illustration style you like.  Imagine what a fun cookbook this would be to give as a gift. Check them out – totally worth a visit.


Chocolate Orange Fudge

Happy Friday! Be creative this weekend.




  1. Mary says:

    I love the recipe/cookbook idea! Also – I started to sign up for instagram this week and was interrupted – so now I really have to get signed up so I can follow you!

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