Creative Monday Morning

Creative Monday Morning

Sunrise Florida

7:15 am. Woke up to a beautiful sunrise this Monday morning. Saw the trails of pink out the kitchen window and when I went out to investigate I saw this glorious sky.

Pink Hibiscus

8:15 am. A trip out back with the dog revealed we have some new pink hibiscus blooming today.

Live Life

9:15 am. Did a page in my art journal. This is a new endeavor for me and its been fun. I am taking a course by Lisa Sonora Beam called Dreaming on Paper. This has been a great experiment in letting go of the criticism and just creating for the sake of creating. Its perfect for making myself explore and realize the fun of other mediums. I’ve been amazed at her techniques that show me “I can” when I always usually think “I wish.”

Love of Color

10:15 am. Another journal page. I love typography-inspired design in just about everything. I found these images in a magazine and worked them into this layout. I really like the strip I cut from an ad that was solid text – I might have to copy that idea in a scrapbook layout.

tile and paint for bathroom remodel

11:15 am. Trip to the hardware store for more paint for the bathroom remodel. This sea-inspired green looks beautiful in the room and with the two different tiles we chose. The mosaic is on the back wall of the shower and the modern tan/brown streaked tile is on the floor. Vanity should be installed this week and we will be finished after nearly three months in the making.



  1. Wow!!! Love your colors in your art journal. Can’t wait to come use the bathroom….ha!

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